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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Year 6 Residential

2018 Residential

Monday 12th -Friday 16th November 2018




Welcome to the Residential Page!



We are very pleased and excited, to be able to offer our Year 6 children the opportunity to attend our Kingswood Residential visit.

'Sawley's Big Adventure' is not too far away now so we will be adding to this page information you will hopefully find useful.  In addition, whilst we are away (temperamental internet connection permitting) we will attempt to provide you with updates of our adventures!











2017 Visit

2017 Visit 1
2017 Visit 2
2017 Visit 3


Arrival day


We had a lovely day yesterday. Soon after our arrival we went straight into our first activities and ended the day with giant Twister and birthday cake.


Today we have woken to a beautiful sunny day. The children filled up at breakfast and can not wait to see what the day brings.  We will try and upload our photos when we can find a stronger signal.

Day 2


Yet another spectacular day! There were walls, ropes, mud but most of all team work.  Whether is was hoisting each other up a wall, leading through tunnels or belaying for one another, it was lovely to see that the children were being so supportive.  Yesterday ended with the scraphheap challenge...making a protective box for a water bomb, that was being thrown from the roof! (By staff).  Any that survived were allowed to be thrown at Mrs Stead and Mrs Lennon.  Sadly (Thankfully?!) only two survived....the winning teams took aim but only managed to get the members of staff a little wet!  We made it back to bed just before the rain started!  After s good night sleep we were woken by he birds singing.  It's going to be another great day!

Our first full day


What a brilliant and exhausting day! The sun stayed with us as we climbed and created...the children loved really exploring what Kingswood had to offer. There has been such a lot of team work, you’d be proud. From helping each other find places for orienteering in the woods to shouting cheers as children climbed tall towers...simply amazing! Topped off again with more birthday cake! The children went to sleep much earlier, ready for more fun and dizzying heights!


Our last full day

Well the sun didn't stay with us today so we made sure all the waterproof clothing came out! Once again the children were wonderful! Whether it was building shelters, abseiling or team building games, they didn't let the rain dampen their spirits. We ended the day with the start of a movie and packing our cases.  We've all had a great time but are definitely looking forward to telling family and friends what a wonderful adventure we've had. We realised we've walked over 33miles already this week!  A few more activities before lunch tomorrow and then we'll be off! See you soon! 

Coming home


Well you children are now home and we hope they have managed to get a great nights sleep! We had a great last day, a few more activities in the sunshine and mist. On the way home, we finally managed to finish watching our movie on the bus, where the children were definitely showing signs they were tired.  We have so many photos to add still. Please bear with us as there are cameras and iPads to download from. Have a great half term everybody. Enjoy the songs your children will no doubtedly repeat over the holidays!  😉 Our three favourites were Bunny Whoop, The Goldfish Song and Charlie was a pigeon! 😀

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