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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Art & Design

Art & Design

at Sawley Junior School



  • Art and Design is taught alongside the National Curriculum.  It is supplemented by the Plan Bee scheme. Art techniques will be used across the curriculum to support other curriculum areas for example English (i.e. persuasive posters for advertising) science (i.e. accurate observational recording through drawing) etc.
  • Art and Design will allow children to have experiences relating to other cultures and ways of viewing the world through a range of historical and modern art works, showing how British values are reflected throughout the world and giving them a sense of world citizenship. 
  • Art and Design is a subject that is accessible at all intellectual and physical ability levels, where children have a specific disability adaptation will be sought in conjunction with their support health workers.  Tasks are differentiated and staff may choose the task/s that they deem suitable for their classes.
  • Following the Plan Bee scheme the Art and Design lessons build on many skills used in prior learning whilst increasing the range of media that the pupils are exposed to.  Non-negotiables (such as colour mixing knowledge-pencil stroke technique and resource management and care will be frequently revisited – at least bi-termly)
  • Basic skills are called upon and tutored across the curriculum to show application of Art and Design skills have a place in all areas of learning.
  • With Art and Design drawing from many differing cultural aspects of Art, children will have a well-rounded knowledge of many of the more significant art movements of the 21st and 22nd Century, with particular deep dives into aspects of the French impressionist movement.  But significantly more key to cultural capital is the urge, impulse, desire to find out more, for a child to seek where they belong in the cultural landscape, town or city.  Art and Design will allow them to embrace their own culture in a positive light, whilst embracing the different culture we have access to in surrounding communities.



  • Staff are supported by the Art and Design Subject Leader.
  • Willows Academy Trust subject leaders’ hold cluster meetings half-termly working together to meet the aims and vision of the Trust.
  • Teacher Resources – including Plan Bee and a variety of teacher resources web pages.
  • Activities are based on a progression to deepen knowledge and understanding.
  • Activities within the scheme of work taught at Sawley are based on Plan Bee tasks.
  • Discussion opportunities are incorporated throughout sessions.
  • Art is undergoing a resurgence at SJS and the new curriculum promises better skills development going forward, major issues to skills progression is due to the time allocated to the subject, going forward it is anticipated that their will be at least 6 afternoons in each of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms will allow for the deepening and embedding of skill and knowledge.
  • The PlanBee sequence of skill has been supported through media and tool purchase to allow all units to be successfully managed.  Some key/frequent use resources are to be found in each classroom, though many more useful, frequent use tools could be added (such as 2B pencils and art paper for each class to use when the lesson allows.
  • All resources are stored in the Art store in room 1.




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