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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor



Willows Academy Trust is committed to providing a full and efficient educational experience for all pupils. We believe that if pupils are to benefit from education, good attendance is crucial. Throughout our school we celebrate achievement and recognise that attendance is a critical factor for a productive and successful school career. We therefore do all that we can to actively promote, encourage and ensure maximum attendance for all our pupils.

We give a high priority to conveying to parents/carers and pupils the importance of regular and punctual attendance. We recognise that parents have a vital role to play in their children’s attendance and that there is a need to establish strong home-school links and communication systems that can be used effectively whenever there is concern about attendance. If any problems do affect a pupil’s attendance we will work in partnership with parents/carers and pupils to investigate and resolve these quickly and efficiently in order to enable the pupil to return to full attendance as soon as possible.

Our Aims

  • To encourage full attendance and punctuality.
  • To promote a positive attitude to attendance and punctuality amongst pupils and their families ensuring that all pupils feel supported and valued at school.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of good attendance through assemblies and promotions.
  • To record and monitor attendance and absenteeism and apply efficient systems to minimise its occurrence.
  • To celebrate improved / good attendance in whole school awards and class rewards.
  • To ensure a consistent approach to attendance is adopted throughout the school, and that the whole school policy is regularly evaluated, developed and maintained.
  • To ensure that all staff are able to fulfil their responsibilities as identified in the school’s attendance policy.

In securing a positive attitude towards attendance and punctuality amongst children and their families, the school will be enabled to provide an appropriate and uninterrupted education for all pupils, so that the highest standards of attainment can be reached.

  • To be proactive in communicating with parents regarding attendance and punctuality issues / taking action where necessary.
  • To comply with government legislation and regulations.




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