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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor


Welcome to our Maths Page


Mathematics is a tool for everyday life.  We wish to nurture a positive attitude to numeracy and indeed a fascination with it.   We recognise the need to ensure competence and confidence in mathematical knowledge and understanding, seeing it as an essential skill set to acquire in order to prepare our children for their future lives.  
  Our teaching programme blends basic maths work with investigative work.  Children need to develop a range of skills in maths: to solve problems, reason, think in a logical way and to work systematically and accurately.  We strongly encourage a 'have a go' approach within all curriculum areas and numeracy is no exception.  Our children learn best when numeracy lessons are fun, purposeful and appeal to all learning styles.   At Sawley, we aim to provide access and enjoyment for every child, whatever their ability.  We appreciate the great support our parents give and hope that you too, will help your child to recognise the value of mathematical skills as part of everyday life beyond the classroom. 

Numeracy Homework
Following parent feedback, each week teachers will place a link to a supporting numeracy activity on Please see each teacher's page for the links. Login details for My Maths are available from your child's teacher.

In addition to to online homework, teachers will also provide paper homework on a weekly basis for your child to complete if you prefer.

Don't forget - your child can always complete online homework in school either at the lunchtime homework club or at the Parent & Child Homework Club after school on Mondays.


***LOOK OUT FOR... Parent workshops helping you, to help your child with their numeracy skills!***





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