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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

What We Are Learning

This half term our Learning Challenge is titled: 'Medicine and Disease - Witch Doctor Would You Trust?' Through a variety of activities we will learn about the health of people throughout the ages and the different illnesses and diseases that affected them. Also, we will consider the ways in which healthcare was delivered and how this has changed over each period in history up until the present day. Along the way we will study the significant advances in medical history and the people who brought about these changes.


English will cover writing of an adventure story in parts, focusing on characterisation - 'show not tell'; use of figurative and descriptive language to maintain interest; use of 'flashback' techniques and writing of dialogue alongside correct punctuation. Later in the term, as part of links to our Learning Challenge topic, we will write explanation texts and create our own newspaper reports.


In Maths we will begin by learning about all types of measurement, continuing our topic focus from the end of last term. Fractions and decimals will form the next part of our studies. Throughout we will continue to focus on problem solving. Also we will consolidate number, place value and calculation skills using the four rules of number - addition; subtraction; multiplication and division.


In Science, we will be learning about reproduction in flowering plants and also different types of animals - this links to our work on life cycles from the autumn term.


In RE, we will be learning about Islam and the importance of Muhammed to the Islamic faith.


PE will be outside once a week for Tag Rugby - weather permitting and indoors for the Gymnastics lesson.

Please still continue to come dressed for outdoor sports on your PE days. 

5C: Tuesday and Thursday

5W: Tuesday and Friday 

5SW: Tuesday and Thursday

We will be practising our rugby and gymnastic skills! 

We will also improve our distance running over a mile during the outdoor session.


Our Modern Foreign language study shall focus on Spanish holidays - which holidays Spaniards celebrate and why, including national holidays.


Art will be the creation of cityscapes using different techniques and media.


Design and Technology is design, building and testing of different types of bridges.


Computing will help us to understand how search engines work and evaluating the best types of search engine to use and why it is important to use these securely.



Spring Term 1 Curriculum Coverage

Spring Term 1 Knowledge Mat




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