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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

What We Are Learning

This half term we will be learning about North America. We will be finding out about its geographical features, such as the mountains, rivers, population and climate.

We will be using our geographical skills to locate the continent and its mainland countries and islands on maps. Year 5 will also be improving their computing and digital literacy skills to create an informative presentation.


Our Maths work will see us improve our fractions and decimals understanding, such as by comparing and ordering fractions and decimals. We will practice adding and subtracting fractions and will become familiar with recognising mixed and improper fractions and converting them from one form to another.


In Science, we will be exploring different materials and their uses. We will plan and carry out tests to investigate which materials are best for different jobs and compare and present our findings. 



In RE, we will be learning about Judaism and what beliefs, rituals and traditions are involved in their faith. We will be finding out about the key features of worship in their community and understand the significance of prayer.


In Indoor PE, we will be developing our dance skills, by learning a swing dance routine. We will develop our strength and balance by learning different steps and a range of movement patterns.


Outdoor PE will develop Year 5's tennis skills. We will be learning how to attack and defend in a game of tennis, demonstrate ability to move to the centre of the court after each shot and serve the ball over the net.


Our Modern Foreign language study shall focus on the Spanish culture including food!




Spring 2

Learning Challenge - Geography Explorer: What do I know about North America?




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