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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

What We Are Learning

This half term our Learning Challenge is titled: 'What on Earth is a biome?' Through a variety of activities we will learn what a biome is. We will locate and label the Earth's biomes and climate zones on a map also examining climate change and what can be done to prevent further damage. Along the way, we will study the physical features of ice biomes, deserts and rainforests. We will explore how deforestation is affecting rainforests and debate the pros and cons.


English will cover a range of different styles of writing: We begin with a 3-week book study based on 'High Rise Mystery' by Sharna Jackson. This falls within the mystery /crime genre and is a 'Whodunnit?' style story based in London during a hot summer.


In Maths, we will be learning about  We will then move on to  We will continue to consolidate our knowledge of the four rules of number alongside problem and puzzle solving activities.


In Science, we will be learning about what happens to different materials through the actions of filtering, sieving and evaporating. We will be able to explain the words dissolve and solution; know how to recover a substance from a solution. We then move on to a variety of activities linked to understanding that some changes to materials are not reversible and understanding that a chemical change alters a molecule permanently. We also discover how to know that compounds are molecules and will also learn how to know the difference between a chemical and physical change.


In RE, we will be learning about Faith in Our Community - Finding out about the different beliefs of religious and non-religious communities in our local area. Considering the ways in which belonging to a religious community can help people. Finding out about the impact faith and beliefs have had on the lives of inspirational figures.


PE will be outside - weather permitting - 

5C: Tuesday and Thursday

5W: Tuesday and Friday 

5SW: Tuesday and Thursday

We will be practicing our tennis and gymnastics skills! 

We will continue to improve our distance running over a mile - you can also try this at home. You can walk if you don't want to run!


Spanish: Our Modern Foreign language study shall focus on numbers, colours and the body and how to talk about ourselves in Spanish.


Art will be linked to our Biomes topic - making masks of animals and creating art work to represent aspects of the biomes under consideration.


Design and Technology is textiles - designing and making draw-string bags.


Computing will help us to understand the world of coding. We will also use locational devices for searching for information about different countries. We will use digital literacy skills to create Power Point presentations.



Curriculum Coverage Map Year 5 Summer Term 1

Homework Challenges Summer Term 1 Year 5

Learning Challenge Knowledge Map Summer Term 1 Year 5

Science Knowledge Map Summer 1 Year 5

Summer Term 2 Homework Challenges What on Earth is a biome? Year 5

Summer Term 2 Knowledge Mat What on Earth is a Biome? Year 5

Summer Term 2 Curriculum Coverage map Year 5




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