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Sawley Junior School


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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs A Burton - Headteacher
Peppa - The Real Boss!
Mrs L Taylor - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs H Stead - Senior Leader (Inclusion)
Miss C White - Senior Leader, Year 6 Teacher
Mrs C Whitmore - School Business Manager
Meet the Team
Mrs C Allen - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr M Brierley - Facilities Manager
Mrs C Briggs - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Cotter - Teacher
Miss H Crowder - Admin Team
Mr B Davies - Y4 Teacher
Ms J Davies - Y6 Teacher
Miss S Davis - Teaching Assistant
Miss J Fulford - Y4 Teacher
Miss E Green - Y3 Teacher
Miss E Gill - Y4 Teacher
Mrs E Joyce  - Y5 Teacher
Mrs C Kudryk - Family Liaison Officer
Mrs S Lennon - Y6 Teacher
Miss L Miles - Swimming teacher
Mrs S Lukaszczyk - Higher Level Teaching assistant
Mrs F McDowall - Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Mayfield - Teaching Assistant
Miss L Parkinson - Y5 Teacher
Mrs I Percival - Facilities Team
Mr B Poole - Y3 Teacher
Mr J Richardson - Willows Academy Trust CFO
Mrs L Ryan - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Shilcock - Y3 Teacher
Mrs G Slater - Teaching Assistant
Mr L Wade - Music Teacher
Mr J Webb - Y5 Teacher
Mrs D Whittington - Y6 Teacher
Our lovely kitchen staff led by Mrs Hart




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