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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Welcome to Year 6

Summer 1

Our learning challenge this half term is called "Had life ever been so good?", which is a history based based topic. We will be researching about the effects of WW2 on Britain about how it was rebuilt after 1945 - to build on the children's learning in year 5.  


English: We will be writing narratives and letters

Maths: Percentages/decimals/fractions, geometry and revision of prior teaching.

Science: Animals including humans - heart and health.

Computing: Programming.

PE: Tennis.

PHSE: Healthy Me.


Spring 2

Our learning challenge this half term is called "What do I know about South America?", this is a Geography based topic. We will be researching about the different countries within South America and the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru. Also, we will be locating geographical features within South America, such as: rivers, waterfalls and mountains.


English: We will be writing persuasive travel brochures, adverts and writing an adventure story.

Maths: Algebraic equations and revision of prior teaching.

Science: Animals including humans - blood and transportation.

Computing: Programming.

PE: Tag Rugby and Indian Dance.

PHSE: Healthy Me.

RE: Christianity - What is a Church?

Autumn 2!


What a great start you all made in Autumn 1! We have got a fun half term coming up! Our learning challenge this term is geography based and is called "What should I know about living in ...?" We will be researching and investigating the different biomes on Earth and where these are located. We will be using maps, online maps and atlas' to help us. At the end of the term we have got an exciting day planned linked to our Learning Challenge!


English: We will be writing factfiles about the different biomes and creating persuasive adverts for the different biomes.

Maths: fractions, decimals, percentages and revision of the 4 main operations.

Science: Living things and their habitats.

Computing: Binary data and networks

PE: Hockey and dance

PHSE: Celebrating differences

RE: Christianity - Why is the Church important in Christianity?

Autumn 1 Begins!


A huge welcome back to you all!  We are ready to start a fantastic term!  Our learning challenge title is "Would you have survived Victorian Britain?" - we'll really focus on the living conditions, especially for children and also the huge industrial changes that occurred in that time period.  Here are some of the other subjects we will be looking at:

English: we will link to Oliver Twist, a famous story written based on a street child in that time period.  

Maths: we will focus on reminding ourselves of place value and the four operations

Science: Light up your world

IT: Online safety

PE: Athletics and rounders

PHSE & RE: Sikhism

Trying Our Best and Aiming High


Autumn Term is a busy time of new experiences as the children settle into Y6 life.  Here are some ways that you can help your child keep organised and excel in their learning at school:

  • Avoid lost property by making sure ALL their possessions – especially coats, jumpers and PE uniform - are marked with their name.
  • Encourage your child’s growing independence by letting them begin to organise what they need each day for school.
  • Listen to your child read for 15 minutes daily if possible; and ask them about their books. Please record what you read in their planner.
  • Practise maths skills in an enjoyable and informal way – e.g. number games, mental arithmetic, table facts and maybe even practically!
  • Encourage and support them to complete their Homework Challenges to a high standard - as independently as possible.  (Please ask your child’s teacher for any resources or support you may need.)  Post any completed work to their Classdojo portfolio for feedback.




PE (see timetable)

Children should arrive in PE kits on the days they have PE. PE will be done outdoors where possible.

  • PE t-shirt with school jumper over;
  • PE shorts with joggers over (can be removed easily if we do PE indoors)
  • Trainers (trainers are preferable for outdoor PE and also suitable for indoors if necessary. Plimsolls are not suitable for all day wear.)



How to contact us:


If you wish to raise a concern/issue with school your child's class teacher is always the first person to contact, these are the staff that know your child best.

Please message the class teacher via Class Dojo. The class teacher will respond as soon as possible. You can also request a telephone appointment with the class teacher via ClassDojo. Telephone appointments are usually at the end of the school day.

Teachers will check ClassDojo at least every other day.  If your message is urgent, please telephone the school office.




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