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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Class Dojo

We have now signed up to Class Dojo in line with other schools in Willows Academy Trust. Those of you whose children have come through Sawley Infant & Nursery School will be familiar with this communication platform.

ClassDojo allows you to see why your child has received rewards in school. The ‘Class Story’ area allows teachers to post photos, text and videos which share and celebrate the children’s learning in class. Children can also share home learning on the portfolio feature.

ClassDojo is a secure site which requires a password for access. As a parent/carer, only you will be able to see your child’s ‘dojos’ and the reason for rewards.  The ‘class story’ is only accessible to parents of children in your child’s class. The portfolio posts are only seen by each individual family


As a parent/carer you will be able to view your child’s rewards, portfolio and class story, and to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on individual posts. We encourage you to use the class story to share your positive thoughts and feelings towards your child’s learning. This is a quick and easy process and as soon as you are set up, children can sign in and personalise their avatar.


ClassDojo has a facility to privately message your child’s teacher. We have used previously used staff’s individual emails to communicate with parents/carers. Going forward, we would ask that parents/carers now use the private messaging facility within the Class Dojo platform. Teachers will monitor this on a routine basis, although this may not be daily and we still advise contacting school directly for any urgent matters.


You can use this link to find out more about how ClassDojo works:

Use this link to read about ClassDojo’s approach to privacy:


We look forward to sharing your child’s learning experiences with you through the app. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Please be aware that we expect all comments to be respectful. Any inappropriate comments will be deleted and access may be removed. 

How will we use ClassDojo?


Please forgive us – we (the leadership team and the teachers) are currently learning about this site too! We wanted to get it set up as soon as possible in order to have a platform to do the following – if only for a few weeks:


Now until the end of the Summer term:

  • Message the class teacher - you will still be able to use email but we would like to completely transfer contact to Class Dojo for September.
  • Send work and photos to the teacher who can share them for the rest of the class to see on the Class Story page.
  • Receive feedback about work from the class teacher.
  • Class teachers will post a video message to their current classes.

Please note that Home Learning will still be on the school website or via paper pack.


From September:

  • Receive merits – we will be transferring the children’s current merits onto the system once we have changed them into their new classes for September. Parents/carers will be able to see their child’s merits via Class Dojo. Reward for milestones in merits will remain the same. No more lost merit charts J
  • Message the class teacher.
  • Send Homework Challenge photos to the teacher who can share them for the rest of the class to see on the Class Story page.
  • Receive feedback about Homework Challenges from the class teacher.
  • Share class information.


There may be more uses – as I say, we’re still learning the capabilities of the site ourselves.

We have attached some FAQs for parents which details Class Dojo in a little more detail.

If you have any questions, please ask.




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