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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

What We Are Learning

Autumn 1:

We can't wait to get stuck into all of the exciting topics we will be learning this term! 

Here is a list of the topics we will be working on:


Learning Challenge: 'What did the Romans do for us?" - In Year 3 we know you learned lots about the Romans so we are expecting you to be super Sawley learners and use all of that previous knowledge which we will be building on this year. In this topic we will be learning lots about family and home life in Roman times and we'll be testing whether you are as fit as a Roman soldier!

English: We will be starting off the year writing to a Roman soldier and will move onto learning some Roman stories such as Romulus and Remus and using these stories to write our own. 

Maths: In the first half term we will be starting off with number and place value and moving onto some addition and subtraction and we will of course be testing our knowledge on Roman numerals!

Science: Our first topic is Sound. We will be investigating how sounds are formed, how we receive sounds, how they travel as well as investigating volume, pitch and tone. 

P.E: Our outdoor PE will be invasion games and our indoor PE is Roman dance.

R.E: Our first religion will be Sikhism where we'll be learning about Amrit, marriage ceremonies, naming ceremonies and funerals.

PSHCE: 'Being me in my world' This topic will focus on our role in our class team and being a school citizen. We will be discussing democracy, rights, responsibilities, rewards and consequences. 

Music is Ukelele and Languages is Spanish.

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