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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Year 5

Well done Year 5! Another great week of learning. Fantastic work by everyone in our RSE lessons - you are all showing how mature you are. Keep it up!


Don't forget to bring your reading book back into school to change on Monday! Complete your Accelerated Reader Quiz at home please first!


Keep completing the homework - you can find it in the Homework Challenges section on this website.


Mathematics - Measures - Metric measures - Make sure that you log on to My Maths to complete the booster homework about translation and reflection of shapes.


English - We will be continuing our class book study High Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson. The story is a mystery - a 'Whodunnit?' based in London during a hot summer. This week we are focusing on writing a newspaper report using adjectival phrases and direct/reported speech. Alongside our book study, we will continue our SPaG (spelling and grammar) activities and also comprehension - inferential answers and guided reading - a poem by Rudyard Kipling called 'If...' - a very famous poem.


Don't worry if you are still experiencing a range of feelings about school at the moment - we are all here to help and support you! 


There are still plenty of ideas to keep you interested and engaged with your learning at home...Have you had a go at the My Maths homework tasks this week? Upped your Rock Star status on TT Rockstars recently?


Remember to practice your weekly spellings: check out the homework challenges section on the Class Pages for the weekly lists.

You can access Spelling Shed using your password and user name. There are some assignments to complete. Make sure that you know your log on details. Ask your teacher if you have forgotten. Try and find out the meanings of some of the words- Could you put the spelling word into a sentence and say aloud to someone to check that you understand the meaning?


Keep on reading - Take a look at the huge variety of books on Get Epic! Many of these books also link to the Accelerated Reader quizzes - you can still continue to log on at home to do this - and use any books that you have at home. It does not have to be a book -  there are newspapers and magazines too. 


REMEMBER - At school it is still important to remember the rules:

Maintain that distance - 2m from adults and children who are not in your Bubble class - we know it's hard when you are playing but try your best.

Wash/ sanitise your hands - When you arrive at school; before going home; before going out to play; after coming in from the playground; before eating and especially after using the toilet. Remember the 20 second rule for hand washing!

Behaviour Now we are back at school take a look at the behaviour pyramid in your classroom and make sure you are trying your best to approach every activity with a cheery, can-do attitude.

Respect for AllKeep showing respect to everyone around you. It does not matter where you are, you must try really hard to speak nicely to people and to treat others the way you would like to be treated. That applies on-line too!

We know that you can do that!! If you are working alongside others then it is really important that you treat them with respect too! 



5K - Miss A Kythreotis 5SW - Mrs Shilcock 5SW - Mrs Whittington 5W - Mr J Webb


What’s happening this week in Year 5?

Week beg. Monday 21st. June 2021

This week’s vision

Wanting to Learn


New spellings to practice - Term 3 Week 9

Revision of spellings from Spring 1 school lockdown

Look at the Homework Challenges section for the spelling lists to view or print out - Summer Spellings Revision Weeks 9 to 12



Come to school in correct PE Kit -

school sweatshirts on top please not brightly-coloured clothing





Come to school in correct PE Kit - school sweatshirts on top please not brightly-coloured clothing


5W only

Come to school in correct PE Kit -

school sweatshirts on top please not brightly-coloured clothing





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