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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor



at Sawley Junior School



What do we want SJS children to learn?

At Sawley Junior School, in History pupils are taught the knowledge base as set out in the National Curriculum, supplemented by units that have developed over time as our own Sawley curriculum.

Pupils build an overview of world history and develop the following skills:

  • Investigating & Interpreting the Past
  • Understanding chronology
  • Communicating historically


History lessons are a combination of teacher led and enquiry based sessions. Enquiry based learning helps pupils to develop historical enquiry skills to find out about the past and question their understanding of the past allowing them to enjoy all that history has to offer.

All pupils are engaged with the history curriculum, which are differentiated for ability. 



How do we achieve our Intent?



At Sawley Junior School, we have developed a History curriculum that is best for our pupils, within this we have used the Chris Quigley History Companion which focuses on a progression to revisit and build knowledge 


Activities are based on a progression to deepen knowledge and understanding e.g.

  • In Year 3, pupils learn about the rise and breadth of the Roman Empire and how the Romans were able to expand their empire so sufficiently. In Year 4, use their understanding of the Roman Empire to more closely study The Romans in Britain and build on their foundation of knowledge to explore and question the impact that the Romans had on Britain.
  • In Year 5, pupils learn about the Victorian Era, specifically the Victorian Empire and living conditions of children during this time. In Year 6, pupils revisit the Victorian Era to now learn about the impact of industry and innovation. 


Activities within the units of history taught at Sawley are based on Chris Quigley POP (Proof of Progress) tasks set out in the CQ History Companion. There are three stages of POP tasks that are built into our lessons to develop children’s knowledge and progress in their learning; Basic, Advancing and Deep.


Basic: retrieval of facts, involves following instructions.
name, list, label, describe, what?, who?
Advancing: Involves decision making and mental processing beyond recall.
explain, why?, suggest, organise, compare and contrast
Deep: Involves problems with multi-steps or more than one possible answer. Requires justification of answers.
investigate, design, create, prove, do you agree?, using multiple sources…


Alongside the History Companion, teachers also use a variety of resources, such as teacher guide books, information books and web pages.


All staff are supported by a Senior Subject Leader and History Subject Leader.

Willows Academy Trust subject leaders hold cluster meetings half-termly working together to meet the aims and vision of the Trust.




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