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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Sawley Living Museum - Friday 11th July

Sawley Junior School is

50 years old!

We’d love you to join us on our

Sawley Living Museum Day

On Friday 11th July

Come and join us any time between 1pm and 3pm

We’ve had a hugely positive response from all the children as we have progressed through our 50 year anniversary celebrations.


On each of our ‘Decade Days’, the children have embraced the request to dress up either in the fashion of the era or as a famous person from the decade. Already this year we’ve welcomed into school Margaret Thatcher, Neil Armstrong, Darth Vader, Mr Benn, Madonna, Olivia Newton-John &  John Travolta, John Lennon and Audrey Hepburn to name but a few!


I must say a huge thank you to the parents for supporting us with this; it has really helped to bring the learning alive for the children. Decade Days have involved the children in creating art work for our Living Museum Day in July. I won’t say too much about what you might see in the Living Museum, but walking around school to see what the children have been doing has been fascinating and a real step back in time for me having been born in the 1960s. Some of us ‘more experienced’ members of staff have thoroughly enjoyed educating our children as well as our younger colleagues!


We will be sharing all our work with you on  Living Museum Day on Friday 11th July when  we will be inviting the whole community into school to celebrate the children’s work and our anniversary.


We have invited many old friends to join us for the afternoon – Mr Blockley will be returning for a second visit along with Mr Armitt, Mr Breakwell, Mr Mackinney, Mrs Gent, Mrs Turnbull, Mrs Devenport (Mrs Burton the 1st!), Miss Williams and Mrs Wragg to name but a few! We are still waiting for confirmation from many more.


Mr Armitt has kindly provided us with some cine film from 1980/81 where he recorded a year in the life of Sawley Junior School. We are currently having this transferred onto DVD and will hopefully be showing it on the day.


Please come and join us!




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