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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Dinner Money Changes

Paying for school dinners is changing…..


Information about dinner money

(Please keep in case your child may have dinners in the future)


Please note that from 3rd November dinner money cheques should be made payable to Sawley Junior School NOT Derbyshire County Council.


Children should give dinner money for the week to their class teacher on a Monday. All classes have a ‘dinner money bag’ which is then brought to the office.  Please avoid handing dinner money in at the office. The school office will provide you with dinner money bags if you need them – just let us know or pop in. Please send the correct money if possible – it is sometimes difficult to find change for everyone who does not send the correct money.


Dinners should be taken on the same day(s) each week and, if your child does not have dinners every day, we ask that you pay for several days at a time.


You are welcome to pay for more than one week at a time; in fact, it makes accounting much easier, especially if you pay for the whole half-term.


If you would like to pay for the whole of the next half-term (Nov – Dec) it will be:


Years 3-5 and year 6 non-residential children (7 weeks) - £68.25


Year 6 residential children (6 weeks) - £58.50*


*If you would like your child to have a dinner on Monday 3rd November (departure day), please send £1.95 this week.

Thank you.





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