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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

School Meals Price Increase for September

Dinner Money Increase


CAYA Catering Services will be submitting a report to Cabinet on 30th July 2013 proposing to increase the recommended selling price of school meals.


If approved (Which is likely) from 4th September 2013, primaty school meals will incease to £1.95, and increase of 5p per meal. The weekly cost for 5 school means will be £9.75 or £72.15 for the next half term. Please note if the correct amount is not sent, change will not be returned but carried over to the following week.


Our children have nothing but praise for the current standard of the school meals provided here at Sawley and this can all be attributed to the skill, attention to detail and dedication of Hart and her team in the kitchen.


If you are unsure whether your child would like school dinners- why not try a trial week? Please speak to Mrs Whitmore or Mrs Merriman in the office to arrange this.


Please remember, even if your child does not wish to have school dinners you are eligible for the Free School Meals, please register this as this provides extra income for your child and the school. Any queries regarding this - Mrs Whitmore or Mrs Merriman would again be pleased to help and advise.


For more information about school means please visit- or


Yours Sincerely,


Mrs A Burton





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